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If you thought that the 97mm fly wheels where massive, wait until you’ve checked out the Abec 11 Super Fly Wheels. The Super Fly measures 107mm in diameter with a durometer of 74A. The specially designed fly wheel core was created in order to cut weight for improved performance.

Unlike the original centerset version of this wheel, the width of this wheel to the inside is the same as the Classic Flywheels so that any wheel pulley that fits into a Flywheel will fit into the 107mm SuperFly.

The extra weight is always well worth it. You NEED a generous amount of urethane, especially if you have a (relatively) large core inside that wheel. What you gain in smoothness and roll speed far outweighs any additional weight. Stop eating doughnuts and lose a pound there instead.

The Super Fly is “trimmer” so that it is 100% compatible with all of the existing Flywheel pulley adapters. The other sized offset SuperFlys will also be compatible, but the profile of the wheel will be more like the BigZig HD’s than the Classic Flywheels. They will be little narrower at 62mm wide.


  • Diameter: 107mm

  • Durometer: 74A

  • Width: 63.5mm

  • Round Lip profile

  • Smooth Wheel Surface

  • Contact Patch: 57.5mm

  • Centerset Core Placement

  • Electric Skateboard compatible

  • King of the Jungle!

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