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This sprocket has 42 teeth (we love 42 at UNiK) and fits perfectly your Trampa Superstar Hubs and MBS Rockstar 2.


Chain drives can be highly efficient and reliable. This is why we choose ISO 6B as a natural upgrade from ISO4B for the hardcore riders out there looking to get another option than our 15mm belt drives.



Steel. No compromise.

What about the raw material … why going for standard carbon or zinc plated steel and put grease to ensure you get rid of rust… when you can get them rust free by design? Well, that’s easy… zinc steel is cheaper; steel being way more expensive to produce in quality. Well, expect no compromise from our side, we only sell  steel sprockets. No rust over time; by design.


Quality assurance is always tough.

The challenge when selecting roller chain is that the difference between industry leading chain and all others isn’t readily visible, and only really becomes apparent after use. We have searched, tested a various amount of suppliers to finally get the quality you can expect from us.


Our supplier produces consistently high quality product by closely controlling each stage of the fabrication process. As components move from raw materials to fabrication, they are monitored by a rigorous seventy one point quality control system that ensures only quality pieces reach the final assembly stage.


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Weight 400 g


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